Keeping customers from slipping and tripping, these durable non-slip LEDTreads are selected for high traffic passageways in many locations. LEDTreads are commonly used in bars/nightclubs, restaurants, schools, theaters, auditoriums, commercial buildings, and casinos. Time and time again, these LEDTreads are proven and perform at a high level.


• LED Technology (Light Emitting Diode)
• 12 Volt
• Solid State Components Withstand Vibration
• Amber, Red, Green, Yellow, Blue and White LEDs Standard
• 5 Year Warranty On Surface-Mount Printed Circuit Board
• High Grip Non-Slip Tread
• Complete System
• No Couplers Or Corner Connectors Required
• Pre-Wired
• Field Cuttable
• Dimmable
• Easy Installation
• Variety Of Spacing Available
• Low Power Consumption
• Custom Configuration Available
• Indoor/ Outdoor Applications


LEDTread Brochure

LEDTreads Extrusions

LEDTreads Specification

Replacing LEDTread Circuit Board

Installation Instructions